Pori’s way to develop Town LAB

Pori’s Pop-Up LAB called PORIS

Pori was getting benefit of side by side running different projects dedicated to citizen participation.  While Our Nordic transnational project Attractive Nordic Towns exploring diverse methodologies of Small Town LAB  approaching its end another project run by the City (URBCultural Planning) demonstrated in practice how efficient could be locating Pop-Up LAB (called PORIS) for a month (Sept/Oct 2019)  on the main pedestrian street.

Of course running a meeting place which was open on 5 days7 week for the citizens and different city center development workshops needs a well organized group of professionals who invest huge amount of work and attention to attract visitors to the place. The successful realization of PORIS undoubtly  represents the strong collaboration of these two projects as well. City Planning organized panel discussion and exhibitions in the PORIS and also a City Game (Pelissä yhteinen kaupunki) with the help of facilitators of SYKLI.

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